Got the first photographers copy for this year delivered to me yesterday! As a special bonus I also got a t shirt & a sticker ❤


SVARTKONST (Swe) latest (3rd) album “May the Night Fall”. (Trust No One Recordings & Merchandise)
Rickard Törnqvist (also Switchblade) w. quality guest/session folks for some bits & pieces.
Very Black Death, awesome vocals and a love for HM-2.
Not the best pics, It´s a beauty and once again a great album.
Live photo shot at Black Mass GBG- April 2022


I really need to get better in posting all the awesome stuff I get every now and then:/ Also need to take better pictures of the ones I´ve got earlier through the years.
Some I´ve posted but far from all of them. Mostly because the pics I took sucked and didn´t make any justice for the artwork, so I thought I will take better ones. But then because of reasons it never happened.
So much cool stuff, tho! I will make it a project to shoot every single one of them:))

Photo: Black Mass GBG- April 2022 // Soile S.,
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Fortfarande mitt bästa fynd det här året!


Allt sitter och det soundet är inte att förakta! Nu har jag lyckats pricka in tre av dom fortfarande rätt få livegigsen dom gjort. Den allra första var för ganska exakt ett år sen i Härnösand. Där var jag ju inte men såg deras andra spelning ever på Black Mass GBG i våras. Hoppas på många fler!

[Liveklipp: eriks klipp & david]

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Suveränt gig med SVARTKONST! Ett av dom bästa banden vi har just nu tycker jag. Plattorna är svinbra också så kolla upp och missa inte ett livegig ifall dom är i krokarna och spelar. I Sthlm är nästa med CRAFT & Wiegedood i november.
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SVARTKONST på Slaktis. Snabb bild efter giget.

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“Chainsaw Blackened Death Metal one-man band from Härnösand, Sweden”
Never listened or seen SVARTKONST before. Ofc I had seen the name fly by every now and then, so I was kinda curious.


Loved it!!  One man project, everything on the albums is work by Rickard Törnqvist (with some guest musicians here and there on the second album) and it´s just really awesome.  Great live musicians on stage also. Had a hard time with all the drummer pics  both days so didn´t get anything even remotely ok:/  Got the albums on repeat ever since I got home from the festival so next time (right now it seems to be  in the end of September with Panopticon & Grift at Slaktkyrkan) and hopefully with Craft in November) I should be a bit more familiar with the songs xD

[Live clip by DbB]

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