The great outdoors with Unleashed. (very) Icy & (very) cold.

Pictures for promotion & the album “Dawn of The Nine”

Thankful for warmers & coffee:) The semla season starts way too early these days but we didn´t mind. So we had those also.
It was a shit cold day, so some hours outdoors required some Viking genes for sure. Pro guys! We tried out a couple of locations but forests and lakes didn´t win this time.
Lovely bunch of ppl but it was way too cold to spend any time for goofing about. Just a little bit:)

Nuclear Blast are huge and still one of the most photographer friendly labels out there. They sent me first a care package with a couple of CD versions and a T shirt, and later on the vinyl:)


» UNLEASHED live @
» UNLEASHED @ The Works


Dawn of the Nine is the 12th studio album by Unleashed. It was released on 27 April 2015 by Nuclear Blast Records.

Recorded September 2014- January 2015 at Chrome Studios, Stockholm
Producer Fredrik Folkare

Johnny Hedlund – Vocals, Bass, lyrics
Fredrik Folkare – Lead guitar, music
Tomas Olsson – Rhythm guitar
Anders Schultz – drums

Fredrik Folkare – Engineering, Production
Pär Olofsson – Cover art
Erik Martensson – Mastering
Soile Siirtola – Photography
Joakim Sterner – Layout


“With their blend of melody and brutality, the warriors of UNLEASHED are credited as the founding fathers of the Viking death metal movement from their inception back in 1989. Twenty-six years later, they have managed to unite the spirit of the Viking tradition with their merciless riffs and epic choruses – melting uncompromising brutality with hymns to Odin.”