One hell of a show!!! I think The Underworld is my favourite venue of the ones I visited this day.  Crowded, sweaty and when I got my spot on the small balcony I stayed there and slowly melted away. But what an awesome atmosphere!!:D Kudos to Fredrik who played two sets  in a row at the same place.  At some times even I wished I´ve had a bucket of ice water to dive in to. Luckily Håkon was there handing over a bottle of water. Brilliant guy, Håkon. Looovely person!:))

UNLEASHED was the last band to finish on a very hectic and sometimes confusing festival day. Some fuckups but all together I had a great time!
Awesome clips by profanometal  and Craig Land (more of his UNLEASHED videos:

The pic above is from Nuclear Blast but it´s my photo from the promo shoot we did in January.

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incinerationMy favourite bunch from Stockholm! The gig was a sweaty mayhem and shooting from the very small balcony left to the stage I got about the ame temperature than the guys. And it was really HOT!:)) And really,really good! I love The Underworld:D Great atmosphere and great crowd!
Clips by dtmasters & bloodguardmetal.

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Some of my favourite angry Finns:) Luttinen & co delivered again big time! Can´t wait to see them again. Someone get them to Stockholm already!?? Going to see Tomi´s other bandSHAPE OF DISPEAR (funeral doom) for the first time in august, tho.
Members: Minister of Sexual Perversions – Vocals Minister of Demonology and Occult – Drums Minister of Offence – Bass Minister of Alcoholism – Guitars


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TRIBULATION recently released their third album “Children of The Night”. Again something different but equally awesome comparing to the previous ones.
Great show at The Underworld! Very hot, very dark.
Line up: Johannes Andersson Adam Zaars Jonathan Hultén Jakob Ljungberg


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So awesome gigs, so shitty pictures:)) Don´t miss to catch ANY of these bands live!!
Live clips by minavampira, bloodguardmetal & Oldskoolmetalvids,









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