IMG_2406Roadtrip with Linda and her Dennis to Gothenburg. Met Renata (Pieni) at the trainstation and we went off to Sticky Fingers for the Sonic Syndicate gig. While I was waiting outside the station drinking coffee, trying to keep awake,  Pelle Hellbutcher Nifelheim came along and we chattered for awhile. Really nice surprice to see him there:)
The pics i took  for the latest  Nifelheim album ( Envoy of Lucifer ) came out quite  good, so I will hopefully get involved  when the next one´s in making.  And hope it doesn´t take seven years between the albums this time…in which case. Irrespective of me taking the pics or not;)
Anyway, after some sightseeing, we found the venue and had some dinner at the Thairestaurant right next to Sticky. Unfortunatly we missed the Skiller gig. Haven´t seen them for awhile and nowadays they also “belong” to Mike (Sonic manager). Took a couple of pics on Walking with Strangers and just waited for the Sonic gig to start…
Rolands last but one gig in Sweden with the band and they did really good as always. Can´t really remember seeing a lousy Sonic Syndicate gig:)  It also was a bit sad knowing one of them will soon be gone.
Daniel picked us up afterwards and took us to  his place. 2 hrs of sleep and then out & away again to the hotel S.S. were staying. The plan was to get a ride with the band back to Stockholm, but it showed that there wasn´t any room for us and our stuff in the small bus after all, so we took the train instead. Quick stop at my house, then moved on to the Stagedive Day Out in Nykvarn.