Fun with Sonic Syndicate – Bengans etc 21/9 2008

Sonic Syndicate are in town…yesterday they were at Harry B. James, today they had a signingsession@Bengans in Stockholm and after that we went to Pizza Hut. Except Roger who took the train to Leksand. Next saturday (?) Sonic start touring with In Flames and will be on the road for 5 weeks.
Me and my new flash aren´t really friends yet…I´ll take on the manual any day now…
I really don´t like Harry B. for several reasons, but I will go back there soon enough. Some bands I like to see/hear will be there the 28:th. The good news are that Club Distortion are coming up with some really good stuff!!  So I´m going to be quite a lot at Tantogården & the Anchor. Hope I´ll soon come to terms with the flash. I´m going to need it at the Anchorgigs;)

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