Waiting for the arrival of the KING with some good people…
Featuring: Hal, Andy & Mike from KING DIAMOND (1 & 2), Kacper (BIBLEBLACK, Mike´s other band) (3 & 4) & his wife Sandra (4), L.G. (ENTOMBED) (5) and Maja (Mrs Wead) (3 & 4). The fanboy pic: Simon & Vlad (VALKYRJA, ONDSKAPT) with Mike Wead.

»More random snapshots from Metallsvenskan


Some birthday bash! Sweden Rock Magazine celebrated the 100th issue and treated us with the two best Swedish bands ever (the whole list is in the latest magazine!) voted by 40 rock/metal jornalists. ENTOMBED made it to the honourable second place. Congrats again guys!!!:))
Line up: Lars Göran “L.G.” Petrov / Vocals, Alex Hellid / Guitars, Nico Elgstrand / Guitars, Olle Dahlstedt / Drums, Victor Brandt / Bass


>>MORE (live clips etc)

Survived one more cruise:) I hate the Fin-Swe boats in general but I love the metalcruises. Thanks to the good people @ Sweden Rock Magazine for always having me: And feeding me. And giving me something to drink:) Anyway, some pics to begin with. Mostly on people I know, love & admire. Some random fun people made it also in the gallery. All the live pics will be uploaded later.

Some pics on my FB page if you want to tag yourself;)

The bands and the running order:

Thursday 29/3:
21:30 Krux
22:45 Blind Guardian
00:45 Marduk
02:00 Sodom

Friday 30/3:
12:45 Enforcer
14:00 Nocturnal Rites
15:30 H.E.A.T