NAGLFAR is back and the gig was amazing!! And, for me, a proper ending for the last evening. Well, BEHEMOTH played as the last band, but I didn´t see so much of it:) I was asked to take some shots from the stage in the end of the NAGLFAR gig and I also took some fast bandpics backstage. Thanks to lovely Demonia for assistance and the beer:)

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RAGNAROK played their set quite early in the afternoon.

Black Metal bands should always have some surrounding darkness, but that´s not always possible at festivals. Great gig anyways!:)
Line up: HansFyrste – Vocals, Jontho – Drums, DezeptiCunt – Bass, Bolverk – Guitar



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Metal Archives: “Incantation was formed by John McEntee and Paul Ledney of Profanatica. They had previously played together in Revenant.
McEntee has also been in Mortician and Immolation for a brief period, and currently plays rhythm guitar in his wife Jill’s band Funerus.”

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The great TORMENTED. The only band I managed to see in the tent stage for some reason. The place was packed and the gig one of the best at PSOA this year!

For once in my life I actually thought the photo pit was too wide, because the band was really far from the front row. The lights were really dim, no front but really cool backlights. So lots of grain in the pics:) But whatever, can´t wait to see them again in Stockholm later this year!

Line up: Andreas Axelson – Vocals and guitar, Claes Holmberg – Guitar, Roberth Karlsson – Bass, Jocke Ölund – Drums


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