Inferno_Metal_Festival_2016_-__WrkueOZtGreat performances!! Perfect ending for the festival!!

Blabbermouth: “Norwegian black metallers MAYHEM were rejoined by former singers Sven Erik “Maniac” Kristensen and Eirik “Messiah” Nordheim during their March 26 performance at the Inferno festival in Oslo, Norway. Also appearing with the band — alongside current vocalist Attila Csihar — for several songs was co-founding MAYHEM drummer Kjetil “Manheim” Haraldsson.”

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Still the best! Great show in Oslo and  good to see the guys again:) Disintegrator was on US tour with VALKYRJA and replaced by their former drummer Axenrot (BLOODBATH and OPETH)
Line up: Tyrant – Hellbutcher – Disintegrator – Savage Aggressor – Satamás

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Really an interesting band! And a great one! With Messiah (Mayhem Vocals 1986-1987), Manheim (Mayhem drums 1984-1987, the demos and the first EP), Anders “Neddo” Odden from CADAVER and Stu Manx on the bass. The soundcheck was really promising and I ended up watching the whole show. Hoping to see more live performances with them! A few pictures only.

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Masters of misantrophy. I wouldn´t mind to see them more often. Uruz (drums) announced him leaving the band after Maryland Deathfest and handed over the drums to Trish (Djevelkult) for the last song “I Want To Commit Murder”. She did great!!:D No pics but a video clip I found.
Members: Nox (vocals), John (lead guitar), Joakim (guitar and random noise), Alex (bass).

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“The Orginal Norwegian Industrial Black Metal Style”  Very interesting band with some serious bio.The most spectacular and confusing gig at the festival. I´m still puzzled but have been listening quite a lot to the albums.
Members: Hr. General Cerastes Svartravn Dr. Best

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