Sista band ut på första dagen på detta fantastiska event!! Buss ut till stugbyn efter giget, välorganiserat och bra. Som allt annat med Mörkaste <3.
SHINING: Niklas Kvarforth – Vocals Peter Huss – Guitars Christian Larsson – Bass Euge Valovirta – Guitars Rainer Tuomikanto – Drums


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incinerationALFAHANNE!!!  A bit late to The Black Heart so had to fight my way to the front of the stage. Niklas (Shining) was hanging around and helped me to get my bag & jacket & stuff off my hands so I could start shooting. He actually joined the band in one song later. Crazy gig in general:)) Don´t miss out if you have the chance to see them live!

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SHINING is an truly great band and Niklas seems to be in great shape! Too bad the schedual at Incineration was so very tight so had to get running to another venue before the show was over. Extra points to Raikku´s new hair also:)

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Incineration Fest 2015 in conclusion:
Cons: They were too late to start handing out the wristbands. Lots of people were still in line waiting to get theirs when the bands already started to play.
Quite many overlapping gigs:/  They were throwing out everyone from backstage about 10 minutes after the last band played. So the last band had about 10 minutes to get the fuck out of there.
The shuttles were supposed to pick the bands up right after but IRL they were standing  outside the venues at least a couple of hours. I was waiting with the Swedes and ImpNaz for 1½ hours then I got tired of it and went to the afterparty.  Passed by Electric Ballroom and  the situation was the same. All the bands sitting outside waiting…
Not many of the bandmembers (if any?) showed up at the Dev and later I heard that  the shuttles finally arrived and drove the bands to the hotel. Which was very close to the airport way out of town. So no afterparties xD
Pros: Great gigs & people & security, the best guy Håkon. Had so much fun!!! xD

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Tomi & Arkki (IMPALED NAZARENE) outside of the Underworld

Tomi,Arkki (IMPALED NAZARENE) and Cristina (Official Romanian Thrash Metal Club) outside of the Underworld

Andra kvällen av The Spanish Unholydays och våran lilla bit av “DEATH HOLY DEATH” turnén. Åkte bil 65 mil mellan ställena, framme lagom till att äta middag, träffa vår värd som vi skulle sova över hos, lämpa av våra grejer i hans lägenhet och sen var det bara att bege sig till spelstället. Hann alltså inte med att se så mycket av Madrid (skulle ha velat se Lucifer statyn, men det får bli en annan gång), men SHINING var fantastiska denna kväll också.

Setlist från turnén (London):

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