spotify Two extraordinary nights at Püssy A Go Go. Douglas P. live was a great experience. I never knew that much about him or Death In June, but did my homework when I heard he was stopping at the club the last days on tour.
Lots of controversy. And lots of recordings:) Brilliant stuff! Kinda hooked now. In Solitude guys were DJ´ing.

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Before and after

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Edit en timme senare: Anna Norberg heter tjejen i klippet “Horses In The Ground”. Tack Pontus!!
Älskar “Sister” och live var det vackert, stökigt och hemskt. Antagligen den bästa spelningen jag sett med In Solitude. Filmade “Horses In The Ground” som på skivan gästas av Jarboe (ex-Swans) och på giget av  Anna Norberg.
Line up: Hornper – Vocals / Niklas Lindström – Electric Guitar / Henrik Palm – Electric Guitar / Gottfrid Åhman – Electric Bass Guitar / Uno Bruniusson – Drums

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IN SOLITUDE played definitely on the “wrong” boat (kinda different crowd on the first one…) and as a first band on the way back to Stockholm. I guess they were also “slightly” hangover. So of course they played the asses off everybody as they usually do:) A hell of a show once more! Are there still somebody out there NOT knowing about this band??



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I love IN SOLITUDE more for every time I see them live. Could go and see them once every week! Oh, wait…they´re playing on the Sweden Rock Cruise the upcoming weekend;):P I think there I also got a better chance to get some good pics of the drummer, Uno. Their creepy-beautiful intro and following “We Were Never Here” is one of the best openings ever (see the clip below)!! The Metal Crypt review  of “The World.The Flesh.The Devil” (by Christopher Foley) pretty much sums it up (and I quote): “In Solitude are a fucking cool band, so unashamedly old school without the slightest in pretention and they don’t do it because it’s cool. These guys play hard, and they play like they mean it. The World.The Flesh.The Devil packs eight dusty, cobweb-covered odes to all things Satan and the occult, played with the kind of mystical magic rarely found outside of the 80’s.”
Members: Hornper – Vocals, Niklas Lindström – Electric Guitar, Henrik Palm – Electric Guitar, Gottfrid Åhman – Electric Bass Guitar, Uno Bruniusson – Drums

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Backdating as usual, so it´s actually already October;) Needed to hurry up with these because the next IN SOLITUDE gig is tomorrow on the Sweden Rock Cruise. And I´m only going to shoot the drummer, Uno;) At least there´s a good chance to get some decent drummer pics on that stage, so I´m going to do my best. Great gig at PSOA, of course!

IN SOLITUDE has been touring a LOT lately and they´re just getting better. I´ve only seen them at really dark club gigs so it was kinda nice to get some pics on an outdoor stage with good lights:) I like them photos so here you go…


Some of the guys w. Messiah Marcolin @ SRF 2012

Amazing gig!!
Had a really long day with a few hours photoshoot in Old Town and then I just got stuck at the venue since 5PM doing nothing. Still, I was taken good care of thanks to the Püssy a Go Go crew (the first time I met them) and all the others at Debaser, so I was really doing ok watching the soundchecks and having some good food and a couple of beers:) Bought a t-shirt and my first patch ever. Have to figure out where to do with those. Maybe on a bag or smthng…suggestions? Anyway, the evening was a great one, the venue packed with people and IN SOLITUDE were so good!! Didn´t take any pics of the cool & beautiful people, Just shot the concerts, but I had a fast “promoshoot” with the club owners. Some of those coming up as soon I finished some other stuff.

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