From band bio: “True to their roots, this powerful trio who performs a headstrong metal with roots deep in the impenetrable mire of the stoner/doom/sludge tradition nuansed with streaks of progressive rock, post metal and psychadelica.”
Mighty COLOSSUS @ Kulturhuset, Studion. It was great to see them live for the first time. Really good show and a great start for the evening!
Line up: Niklas Eriksson – Guitar & Vocals / Peter Berg – Bass / Thomas Norstedt – Drums


COLOSSUS from Stockholm play Progressive Stoner/Sludge Metal since 2008, according to Metal Archives.
A photo shoot in THE library in Sthlm wasn´t exactly the easiest. For several reasons. We had to be quiet, stay out of the way etc. So no playing around.

We did some try out pictures but the only ones working for the purpose were taken in the entrance which looks a bit like an egyptian grave vault:D

Thomas Norstedt Drums Niklas Eriksson Guitars, Vocals Peter Berg Bass


Some of the try outs & misc and a couple of the official ones: