Second time in a quite short period of time I saw Order of Isaz. Great gig, lots of bad pics. I like some of them, though. Carlos (Black Shadows Tattoos) seems to always show up at the Order of Isaz gigs, so we met again and he gave me one really cool t-shirt:) Nice guy and a great artist!
Tobias Sidegård Magnus Naess Johnny Hagel Anders Bentell


Both bands celebrated their albumrelease at Lois. Order of Isaz´ got the most impressive line up with past and present in bands like bands like Therion, Tiamat and Necrophobic. So, I´m namedropping a bit:
Tobias Sidegård – Lead Vocals and guitar
Johnny Hagel – Bass
Magnus Barthelson – Guitar
Anders Lord – Drums & percussion

Sorry to say, the pics didn´t turn out that impressive. Didn´t really get the quality or feeling I was looking for.  So, I guess I have to go and take some new someplace soon:)
The video “Drowning” is directed by Carlos Aguilar (Black Shadows)


>>MORE (live clips etc)

A very few snapshots (as usual) on some I met at Lois. Some nice surprises, didn´t expect to meet so many I knew:) Had some beer, met some nice new people and got myself a deal for a tattoo!! I think this was the second time ever I ended up shooting metal in this area. Very, very upper class for you who don´t know;) I had fun, though. Home at 4AM, woke up with a headache…