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  • DISSECTION + NIFELHEIM + DEATHSTARS – Midsummer Massacre 2006

    Pics from Midsummer Massacre with Dissection, Deathstars & Nifelheim @ Hovet, Stockholm…all uploaded on www.extremmetal.se!

    Swedish black metallers DISSECTION have posted the following message at their website: 
    “The time is running fast towards the final gig and there is no turning back. The Dissection Midsummer Massacre will mark the end of Dissection as well as the climax in the band’s history. It will also be the first time the band will perform a gig based on the material of Reinkaos. Don’t miss the chance of seeing Dissection for a very last time in Europe as well as witnessing them play their biggest headlining concert ever. “

    Leader Jon Nödtveidt adds: “We will play most of the songs from Reinkaos. We have been working with merging some of the old songs into it all as well, and it works surprisingly well. It’s going to be a lengthy set of both old and new.”
    – bravewords.com June 21 2006

    DISSECTION’s setlist for the Midsummer Massacre concert (billed as the band’s last-ever European performance):

    01. Nexion 218
    02. Beyond The Horizon
    03. Black Dragon
    04. Unhallowed
    05. Where Dead Angels Lie
    06. Xeper-I-Set
    07. God of Forbidden Light
    08. Reinkaos
    09. Night’s Blood
    10. Soulreaper
    11. Dark Mother Divine
    12. The Somberlain
    13. Starless Aeon
    14. Thorns of Crimson Death
    15. In the Cold Winds of Nowhere
    16. Elizabeth Bathory
    17. Frozen
    18. Maha Kali






  • DISSECTION – Kolingsborg 30/12 2005


    »Review @ Metalcovenant.com

    [Edit -22: bravewords.com December 29, 2005
    Swedish black metallers DISSECTION have announced that the final Scandinavian show, “A Farewell To The Old Albums”, in Stockholm, Sweden at Kolingsborg – The Shrine on December 30th is now sold out. A posting on their website reads as follows: “We are honoured to see the overwhelming interest for this special event and we look forward to celebrating the end of the old era with you all in the name of Death!”]


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