“1998 IMMERSED IN BLOOD emerged from the remnants of the Swedish Death metal band Inverted in October. Joel Andersson (bass) and Johan Ohlsson (guitar) decided to continue to play together but in an even more brutal direction. Vocalist Stefan Lundberg (also ex- Inverted member) and drummer Jocke Unger decided to get IMMERSED IN BLOOD in December. 1999 The death-roll was completed when Robert Tyborn Axt (guitar) joined the band in February. IMMERSED IN BLOOD played their debut gig in March and only two months later, in May, they recorded their debut demo entitled “Eine Kleine Deathmusik”, featuring four tracks of brutal bloody Death Metal”


Founded by brothers Alex Camargo (bass, vocals), Moyses Kolesne (guitars) and Max Kolesne (drums).


Since its formation in 1990, the group recorded two demos, Evil Age in 1991 and Curse of the Evil One in 1992, and self-released an extended play (EP) titled Unmerciful Order in 1993. After signing with Dynamo Records (a Brazilian label), Krisiun released the debut full-length Black Force Domain in 1995, followed by Apocalyptic Revelation, in 1998.




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Swedish black metallers DISSECTION have announced that the final Scandinavian show, “A Farewell To The Old Albums”, in Stockholm, Sweden at Kolingsborg – The Shrine on December 30th is now sold out. A posting on their website reads as follows: “We are honoured to see the overwhelming interest for this special event and we look forward to celebrating the end of the old era with you all in the name of Death!”]


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