“Inget skrämmer människan till ett liv i träldom
Såsom frihetens kaotiska tillvaro”

One of the best bands I´ve “found” the past couple of years. I´ve said it before and I say it again! They freaking kick some serious ass!! The latest album “Temple of Phobos” was released in the summer of 2016, some Swedish shows I can find are in Malmö and Stockholm (April) and at Mörkaste Småland in september. All Hail!!

The first live clip below (by Alexander Karlsson) is from the beginning of the show with the photographers running around in the pit. Including me;).

Members: Albrektsson, Jonas – Bass Frisk, Mattias – Vocals, Guitar Johansson, Jimmy – Guitar, Vocals Westman, Mathias – Drums