SUNSET IN THE 12TH HOUSE @ DBE3 – Alba Iulia, Transylvania, Romania 20/8 2011

DBE3_Got the chance to see Edmond´s (DORDEDUH) other project SUNSET IN THE 12TH HOUSE first thing on Day 2 at the Dark Bombastic. Excellent way to start a new day at the festival. I really enjoyed the music. It was so beautiful! And the all the guys in the band are such a skilled musicians. It was also their first live performance ever! “Sol Faur and Hupogrammos, known only through the Metal dimension, along with other musicians, wish to present those attending a different stylistic approach, embodied through an elaborate form of Experimental Post-Rock, with psychedelic & esoteric touches. The new musical expression that SUNSET IN THE 12th HOUSE will unveil to the public plans to follow a path independent of what these musicians have done so far.”



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