GS_logoOur leading autopsy team, GENERAL SURGERY at P.S.O.A! I took some photos (3 first songs as usual), bought a beer and just had a great time watching the show. It seems that they´re even more fun on a bigger stage:) They´ve been touring a lot, but I´ve never seen them outside Stockholm before.
The ”Like An Ever Flying Limb” EP is coming out Nov 6th on 7″ via Relapse Records!
Comment on YouTube: “This album was recorded in a mortuary. The echo is the sound reflecting off of metal autopsy tables. True story.” Haha:)??
Joacim Carlsson – guitar, Andreas Eriksson – bass/backing vocals, Andreas Mitroulis – drums/backing vocals
Erik Sahlström – lead vocals
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GENERAL SURGERY – “Foetal Mush” & “The League Of Extraordinary Grave Robbers”
Photos by me;))