“Serpent Omega is a stoner doom metal band from Stockholm, Sweden, formed by the sole intent of mediating gargantuan earth-splitting heavy tunes. The band was vomited out of the innards of the Great Serpent in 2011, ever since exploring the beyond side of the void and worshipping the power of the Riff”
I often feel very privileged being able to meet all these amazing talented people and sometimes they surprise me being more awesome than expected.
First time I saw SERPENT OMEGA live and wow! Great songs (doom/sludge/stoner with some punk vibes), very good musicians and Pia doing the vocals with such awesome power, intensity and total presence! Loved her outfit also. My new hero:) Check them out and don´t miss a gig if they come to your area!
Line up: Pia – vocals / Jonsson – guitar / Brief – Bass / Sakke – Drums