My travelling buddies and the reason I eneded up at SRF this year. I was very excited to see NECROPHOBIC with the new vocalist and can´t say I was disappointed. Quite the opposite.  Atte (earlier in the band 1992-1994) is a GREAT frontman and the whole gig was  all thunder and darkness even though it was extremely hot and sunny on the stage. Invented a happy dance to “Revelation 666”, but that one you  never want to see. It was only for a couple of persons behind the backdrop.  Dunno what L.G. thought about it:)) I´m guest appearing in some of the clips below. Never mind that. I had to.
Anyways, even the very sceptic guy (“It simply just CAN´T work out without T.S.”) in the front row seemed to fully enjoy the gig.

» A road trip with NECROPHOBIC (Bonus pics)


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