12186606_1056837241023187_3106911039684285689_oThe past week has been almost all about the fire in a club during a metal gig  in Bucharest, where 27 people died on location and about 180  ended up in the hospital.  I´ve been to Romania many times for gigs, festivals and just because and I love the country and my Romanian metal head friends who are the kindest, most generous people ever. Like  the metal community all over the world, they are family. And now they need help! This is far from over and it will be so expensive for both the victims and their families so donations are very much needed. If you can help, you have the information below.

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Impreuna rezistam:

“Dear friends from abroad, following the devastating incident that took place on the 30th of October in Club Colectiv, Bucharest, we have been working with Fundatia Estuar, raising funds to help the people involved. They have opened EUR, USD and PayPal accounts, and all the donations will go to the people that were hurt in the accident.
Thank you all for your support!”
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“Because people are in deep need, Universal Music Romania will donate all its royalties following the sales of the albums “Mantras of War” by Goodbye to Gravity and “Ce simti” by Up To Eleven, to the victims of the tragedy from Club Colectiv.
The albums can be bought in physical format from music stores* and from getmusic.ro


Miluta shooting the crowd at the Rockstadt Extreme Fest in Rasnov August this year

Donations can also be made for individual persons who are in hospital fighting to survive and to get better. I don´t have the information of all of them but all the info should be found on the net (see the links above). Still I need to share the donation information for the great photographer, metalhead and a personal friend, Miluta Flueras who was at the venue, survived but is in hospital with a long way to recovery.

Catalin Doru, the organizer of Dark Bombastic Evening in Alba Iulia, Transylvania, posted a couple of days ago (excerpt):

“You all know Miluta Flueras, right? He is the one always there, next to the stage. Then you see him rushing all over the place, shooting frames, angles, shadows, colors, shapes. You lose him in the crowd just to see him again next to the stage and back again.”

“Miluta needs my help, your help, right now; he needs help from each and every one who has ever met him, from each and every one who has just learnt about his condition. Any donation helps. Solidarity saves lives, so let’s turn now his Little Planet into a Big Planet!
Please transfer your donation to Ana-Maria Gavrila’s account, RO12UGBI0000762002799RON, GARANTI BANK S.A, DrumulTaberei – Bucharest branch, SWIFT CODE UGBIROBU (for international transfers).”