WORMWOOD – Kraken 12/4 2019

www.wormwood-official.com: “We want to have the attitude from rock’n roll and have some influences in our music. It makes for a great show. We also wanted to incorporate black metal as many of us likes that. So we took the visuals from it and a big dose of the music. That raw, take-no-prisoner, viscous visage. This is not by any means new, but we wanted to have atmosphere in it. We wanted to have soundscapes from ambient music. Also, we wanted to stay true to our northern heritage, so folk influences was a given.”
[Live clip by Teddybjörn Netts]

Band Members (not sure if this was the lineup for this gig, tho..?) [Nine – Vox/Shrieks][Rydsheim – Guitar][Nox – Guitar][Borka – Bass][Johtun – Drums]



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