“An outrageous blend of harsh electro, goth metal and obscene industrial dance.”
“If there is one band who knows no single compromise in their work and attitude, it must be the rebellious Italian/British combo ALIEN VAMPIRES!”

Alien Vampires FB

So in the end on this lively venue, the Surprise Act. Didn´t realize it at first but on stage were the two guys I had been running into every now and then these past couple of days/nights. They always seemed to be enjoying themselves, no matter what, and it was always nice to see them all over the place:)
ALIEN VAMPIRES didn´t ring any bell so I did some research and found lots of interesting stuff of these two known as Nysrok Infernalien and Nightstalker.
It was already morning and I was pretty much done and had to go to sleep but I guess the Alien guys kept people dancing for awhile:))