“There´s a big gap between what exist and what possibly could….. Deutsch Nepal try to fill that gap by concidering what is true, what is pure and possible. With an conviction of the purity of it´s own distorted creation Deutsch Nepal twist the truth and turn the impossible into a reality existing only inside your head.
Never mind this statement …. mind the gap!”Deutsch Nepal (Official)

**The name “Deutsch Nepal” is derived from the track of the same name released in 1972 by German krautrock legend Amon Düül II.
**Lina Der Baby Doll General is an alias for Peter Andersson
**Lina, along with Brighter Death Now’s Roger Karmanik co-founded the label Cold Meat Industry.

Sista spelningen ever med Deutsch Nepal?? Verkade så:/

Cold Meat documentary in making! [Crowdfunding!!]