“Cancer is a British Death Metal band formed one night in 1988 down the Tontine pub in Ironbridge by original members Carl Stokes, John Walker and Ian Buchanan. They quickly put together a demo in the Pits (Studio) called ‘No Fuckin Cover Demo’, sent out the demo and got signed to Vinyl Solution. They then started a diet of writing and playing live with such bands as Bomb Disneyland, Bolt Thrower, Cerebral Fix and GBH” – LastFM

Sista bandet ut på SES. Det hade varit en lång dag och fixade inte att stanna hela giget vilket var synd för det var kanonbra. Nytt folk i lineupen sen sist.

Laguppställningen: John Walker Guitars, Vocals Daniel Maganto Bass Gabriel Valcázar Drums Migueloud Guitars