“One of the members once said that no one could play when they started the band. That they just learned along the way. Toxaemia were hardly innovators of their style, they simply took some brutal US influence, flavoured it in a little of that home brewed, thick tone and wrote some crude yet effective material that would have been ripe for a mosh pit. But it’s certainly authentic feeling, without the added burden of nostalgic intent.” – TPL Records


Svinbra live! Såg dom en gång tidigare på Scandinavia Death Fest (2019) när bästa Perra Karlsson var trummis i bandet.


Members: Stevo Bolgakov, Pontus Cervin, Anton Petrovic, Dennis Johansson and Emil Norrman


[Toxaemia (live) – Buried to Rot – Scandinavia Deathfest, Kraken, Stockholm 12/10 2019 av Eriks klipp längre ner]