DEATHCHAIN death/thrash from eastern Finland. With members from Ajattara, Horna etc. The latest album released back in 2013 so it´s been awhile.

“Ritual Death Metal succeeds on the strength of massive, lumbering midtempo riffs and super-grim, almost-black metal blastbeat sections. The band wisely breaks up the wall-to-wall brutality with some nice atmospheric touches. The harmonized intro to “Like Worms Upon the Lands” is a fine example of this, as is the clean guitar at the opening of “Tiamat’s Eyes of Death.” In the hands of a lesser band, details like this would detract from the heaviness of the music. In the case of Deathchain, it just creates a sinister vibe that cannot be conjured by riffs alone.”  –  Album review @ 2013

[Live clip by GRONNENHELL]



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Kassara (Lauri Rytkönen,drummer) kept busy this weekend. At least 5 gigs with 3 different bands