I´ve heard some good stuff about Lingua for a long time, but this was the first time ever I saw them live…and OMG what a gig!!
They totally blew me away because I really didn´t know what to expect and they were really great!! Very dark and heavy and beautiful. I always like the drummers because they are the ones holding the shit together and this one (didn´t find his name…) really did a great work!! Still, drummers are the hardest ones to get any good pics of because they too often are in complete darkness…the same thing with the guy who happens to stand to the left on the stage at Tanto. The left corner ALWAYS lies in the dark!! Don´t stand there!!;) Keep to the middle and to the right!! So now you know…

A bit easier to take pictures than on M.M.I. I think there were not so much more of the lights, but they were…different?? Well, you never really know at the clubs how the pics turn out anyway…;))
Now I´m in the Lingua fanclub!! (Or will be as soon as I find one;)
And as soon as possible I will check out their other project Come Sleep