Odenwrath got really unfortunate and had problems with disappearing guitarsounds almost through the whole gig. Still, they seemed to be in quite a good mood and just mangled on. Have to give them lots of kudos for that:)  Hope I get a new chance to see them. Ninnuam were great!! They´ve changed parts of the line up since I saw them the last time (-06) but they were still as good as I remembered. Have to check out the newer material…sounded really good.

I was really curious about This Ending after checking out their latest album on Spotify. I won´t even start bitching about the lights, but i can´t get the pics I´d like to  anymore and  I´m getting a bit tired of even trying to photograph at The Cave.  It used to really like the stage there. Anyway, I get a new chance with This Ending at the STHLM Thrashfest@Nalen in May!! Lots of great bands on the bill!!:) Can´t wait!!