tribulationBlod & Svärd w. Kongh & Tribulation@Midsommargården. Really cool so I even bought a t-shirt:) Also the strangest night for a long time…weird things happened. I also broke my lens in the middle of the Tribulation gig when Adam (one of the guitarrists) got some lights on him for the first time, so not many pics of him. He was mostly standing in the dark.
Love the band, though. Could see them once a week, really:) The lens I brought wasn´t my usual giglens, but a 50/1.8 and that one really isn´t my favourite at gigs, because it doesn´t got any wideangle what so ever. So in small venues the range is very limited and not a good choice.
Not for me anyway because I don´t like that kind of photos. Still, it´s very small and lightweight. And now it´s broken. The venue itself was quite a nice hangout with cheap beer but it didn´t really sound any good when the bands were playing. In may I´m going to another gig at the same place so hope It will be better then.