F.K.Ü “Twitch of The Thrash Nerve” – THE VIDEO IS HERE!!!

Äntligen äntligen!! Simon blev äntligen nöjd, allt var på sin  plats och videon blev klar!! Den högtidliga premiären var för en kvart sen och nu klistrar jag in den här också!!!

Promo video for the song “Twitch of the Thrash Nerve” from the album “Where Moshers Dwell”.


Directed by Simon Wettervik
Produced by Sidevision Productions
Camera & editing by Simon Wettervik & Dennis Olsson
Sound design and graphics: Lawrence Mackrory

Foley artist: Ulf Olausson
Foley recorder: Lotta Nilsson-Norberg
Make-up artist: Erika Nicklasson
Lighting technician: Kristofer Jönsson
Electricians: Kimmo Ylisoini & Staffan Winroth
Assistant to Mr. Wettervik & Mr. Olsson: Björn Wettervik
Still photography: Soile Siirtola [PHOTOS]
Misc crew and very special thanks: Mats W Järnil, Macke Ring, Simon Hannula & Juho Korhonen
Additional thanks: Vera Isaksson, Patrik Isaksson, Nova Möller, Max Möller & Tina Gunnarsson.

Main cast:
Emil Anter
Petter Göthberg
Andreas Sundberg
Ronnie Nyman
Björn Wettervik
Simon Hannula
Erica Stjerndahl

The Moshoholics horde – the best crew in the world! You are too many to mention and we would probably leave out most of you if we tried. But you know who you are and we are eternally thankful that you helped us making this video!

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