One of the greatest bands on earth and not that common to see on a stage in Stockholm!! Some enthusiast poured  beer on my camera when the band entered the stage so had to dry the lens a bit with my sleeve (I do have a filter on it, of course. I don´t use sleeves on the optics. Mostly:). Still I got some of it left in the viewfinder. Haha fukken metalheads:) ❤ Fantastic gig and (ofc) the pics got a nice retro feeling. Very much like the ones I always ended up with back in 2005 at Tantogården shooting with my very first DSLR (Canon 20D, 18-55 kit lens;). In which case, here you go.
[Live clips by gargamel69swe]

»  Setlist @ Demonia
Photo shoot for “Envoy of Lucifer”