Had a good time and some great company with CURSED 13 guys and the fantastic staff at Br. Olssons Garlic & Shots. Especially Matti Into, who worked at the place and was the golden guy who  fixed everything needed. Took some pics for the upcoming single “Into Ashes”, and we stayed afterwards for some food and beers.


CURSED 13 are basically the same guys as in GRÁ and it´s still black, but kinda different black.
The band played their last ever show at Mörkaste Småland – Slaktmånad October 2023.
BO G&S got new owners for some time ago and is now run by some guys from CANDLEMASS etc.



“Into Ashes”  released by Carnal Records 16/12 2016.
Limited edition 300 copies “7 vinyl with gatefold cover.

Heljarmadr vocals/guitars
Maugrim bass
Dimitri Jungi drums
David Kareketo plays the double bass on this one