I love Norway and many Norwegian bands, but TAAKE is definitely the most “Norway” to me. Epic (as always) show. Even with only one guitar. The second guitar ( Aindiachaí  or Sanrabb  ?) was on his way but got stuck somewhere for some stupid reason and couldn´t get to the festival:/ Gjermund is a hero and an awesome musician so in the end it all had the best possible outcome. Ofc they played Myr also. Banjo solos rule!:D
Pehr from ALFAHANNE appeared on stage again for one song:)
On stage @ Steelfest: Hoest Rune Nesse (drums) Gjermund Fredheim (guitar & banjo) V’gandr (bass)
[Live clips by TopiKoo, sams6s & Gronn Onland]



Amazing live from France March -22 by Alex. Just because.