Been years since I met Eide the last time and the first time I saw him in any other band than the great Aura Noir.
Quite different stuff, this:) ) VBE in short: Formed in 1994, recorded a demo and a full length, split up in -97, picked up the band again in 2006 with plans to make a new album just to split up (again) in 2007 without making any. But ofc…the guys are also busy with lots of other stuff but now they are playing live gigs again.
Glad I got to see them and ofc run into Eide:) Very nice guy.

“The universal consensus is that they are “Avant-garde”, but the nature of that label is in itself a term that already bears the implication of just being ‘miscellaneous’.”


[Live clips by sarvi & GRONNENHELL]




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