No, really nothing at all. Not since Suffocation for a couple of weeks ago.
On saturday I will go & see Maze of Torment & Nattas, though. And I also will do a photoshoot with Nattas the 1:st of May. Looking forward to do that;))))
The few photos I´ve been taking lately have been just “normal” pics. You know…pets, friends, cherryblossoms & stuff like that.
I run (my other photosite) for everything else but metal, but there´s still some stuff you might like. Churchyards & some UE, for example. Or  maybe you even like flowers and cats? So take a look while waiting for the metalpics –  I have nothing else to offer right now;)
And there´s NOT going to be Venompics:(  I´m not here when they´re playing in Sthlm.
Talk later // Soile