Haven´t seen Deathstars since 2006 at Gates of Metal. Not much to say…just one among the best gigs I´ve seen the last year or so…the soundsystem failed once in a while, but overall it was fantastic!


Maybe the fact that I´ve been looping all the Deathstars albums almost exclusively in my Mp3 player the last week helped a bit to really get into the groove;). Lots of photographers! Usually I totally just mind my own business, but this time I really, really envied one no-named person who got to shoot all by himself after we lowlifes had to clear the area in the front (“fotodike” in english, anyone???) after the first three songs.;) Lots of cool stuff happened later in the show…




Definitely NOT extremmetal, but I checked out Damón Zurawski & The Other Flesh with their “Rock-Ompa-Vaudeville-Sideshow”, as they call it, supporting Deathstars at Klubben. I´ve seen them once before and wondered a bit how it would work with the clash of genres and the (mostly) deathglam audience. And it worked brilliantly! Cool gig and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, both the band and the audience.
TOF got some really cool songs…and Damon got this really cool hat;) Tintin told me that the lights will be difficult and lots of red, but I think they were quite nice. Well…I did shoot at Kafé 44 for a week ago, so in my world every little lamp is a gift.



All photos by me…(except the cover)