Got some “presents” last week…
The first ones from my friend Erik who gave me the new  General Surgery cd promotion poster & some postcards. My photos, of course;) Think it looked good (in IRL)…here´s a couple of shitty photos of the stuff:


“Present” nr.2: My friends, Takashi and Miho, were here from Hiroshima, Japan last week visiting me. They had found an old issue of Young Guitar with an interview with Roger of Sonic Syndicate. And the photo of him is my work. Took it in the studio for a couple of years ago. Micke J. got also a pic in the article and he got all the photocredits. Bastard! Not his fault, of course…we´ll still be friends;)  Someone just didn´t give the info to the magazine when handing over the pics… Anyway. It looks like this:


I stopped saving all kinds of crap for a long time ago, but I always love to get magazines, posters,flyers and stuff with my photos on. So gimme!!!:)
The past week I tagged along with Kitty & Decadence two nights in a row to the deep forests where they shot their first musicvideo. I´ll give you some pics soon…and the video will be really cool!!