PORTRAIT!! The last amazing band on this fabulous evening.

Wanted to see them live for so long and they should have played on the last SR Cruise, but something happened and they didn´t. Oh well….ENFORCER played instead, so it worked out fine. Both Richard and Christian from the band were on the boat as always. Christian in the merch shop and Richard…dunno if he had any specific function on this trip. Else than being my cabin mate:) Nice  guys! Anyway, the gig was even better than I expected. Lots of action, great songs and really cool vocalist. Nalen Klubb is a small venue but has one of the best sound guys in town. I think it sounds really good every time I´m there. Can´t say the same of all the venues here. And thinking of all the small clubs I´ve been to over the years…

I´m sometimes whining about the state of things in Sweden and Stockholm, but this is still a fukken great place to live in and get spoiled with all these great gigs. Especially these days when we are blessed with the Püssy a Go Go crew. I love you!! I do!!:D

The hard part this night was to stay awake all night and take the plane to Finland early in the morning. But that also worked out fine. Good life:))


PORTRAIT are:Per Karlsson – vocals, Christian Lindell – guitar, Richard Lagergren – guitar, David Olofsson – bass. Anders Persson – drums




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NECROCURSE – the “Death Metal Rebels from Uddevalla” (Hellbutcher (Nifelheim) – vocals, Stefan “Rotting” Rodin – guitar, Martin “Märda” Andersson – guitar, Johan “Basstard” Bäckman – bass and Nicklas “Terror” Rudolfsson – drums) next on stage and the evening continues with some really heavy stuff. Pelle Hellbutcher is a great vocalist even in death metal and the band was impressive. I´m very happy I got to see them!! Hellbutcher also gave me one of the cool t-shirts so I was properly dressed at the Coffins gig in Helsinki the night after:) The pics are (once again) necro and old school.


>>MORE (live clips etc)

BLACK TRIP at Nalen Klubb!! Sharing the stage with NECROCURSE and PORTRAIT!! Almost too good to be true but that´s the Püssy girls for you. They know how to make unforgettable evenings. Great great gig, but didn´t expect anything else…and just check the line up!!
Joseph Tholl – Vocals (Enforcer. Reminds me of the pics I still got unblogged from the Sweden Rock Cruise!!), Daniel Bergkvist – Drums (ex-Wolf), Peter Stjärnvind – Guitars (Krux, Nifelheim, ex-Entombed, ex-Merciless, ex-Regurgitate, ex-Unanimated etc etc). Also on stage the Nifelheim guys Sebastian Ramstedt and Johan Bergebäck. And for once I got some good shots on Peter;)) Next time I see them at Muskelrock!!

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