The summer festival season is now officially over for me  ;(  and I got shitloads of pics to sort out (still even from gigs before the festivals). Which, of course, is going to take a while. Or a bit longer…DBE 4 was the greatest possible finale, tho:))

ORANSSI PAZUZU live was a mindblowing experience. One of the best ever! Even when they played before the sunset and all the cool lights were pretty much for no use.  They just brought their own darkness to the stage and it totally worked. Such a  freakin´good gig!!
“Oranssi Pazuzu makes music that invites all the arsonists and smokers to hold hands”


Line Up: Ontto – Bass, Korjak – Drums, Moit – Guitars, EviL – Keyboards & Percussion, Jun-His – Vocals & Guitars