“Creepy crawly darkjazz combo. Soundtracks for imaginary movies. TKDE formed in 2000 as a project to compose new music for existing silent movies.”
The most perfect way to end the most wonderful festival! Magic!! Ask Johanna;))


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It was good to see my favourite Swedish non-extrememetal bands in Transylvania. The concert started out as Per-Erik´s own project Coulisses and later the other guys just joined him on stage and continued as Isobel & November. Great gig and nice times:)


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Wonderful, wonderful HEXVESSEL…

About: “Hexvessel is a psychedelic folk-rock band that was founded in 1983 by Englishman Mat McNerney. He moved to Finland in 2009 and was joined by a coven of musicians from Tampere that feature members of Galacticka and Dark Buddha Rising. Fusing late 1960s and early 1970s English folk and psychedelia with a love for Finnish nature, folklore and pagan mysticism, they play a witches brew of acoustic balladry and heavy tripped-out atmospherics. Interior-world-music for secret ceremonies and forest rituals.”

The very best way to enjoy HEXVESSEL is lying flat in the grass under the Transylvanian sky, with a Ciuc Radler . Johanna fell in love with that beer-related stuff and I let her  illustrate the state we were in during the concert. >>


I almost missed the whole thing when DORDEDUH (Hupogrammos & Sol Faur started this band after they left Negura Bunget) played an unannounced 2-song-set on the second day at the DBE.
Luckily I got there in time to hear at least one half of the second song and take some fast shots. The songs were from the new album, and the day after the band and Costin (Chioreanu, Twilight13 Productions) left the hotel really early in the morning to go to the mountains and shoot the video for “Dojana“. You´ll find the result at the bottom of this post. Some other great stuff also. Hope to see them soon again!


dark-bombastic-evening-4_1The last band of the great day and evening at the citadel in Alba. I may not be the biggest Sólstafir fan, but the show was really cool, the stage and the guys looked good and the finale was just amazing:) The guy who played the pan flute in “Fjara” is Gădineț (Cătălin Motorga) from Negura Bunget.


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Doru at the Dark Bombastic is a master when it comes to make these festivals to an experience of a lifetime. DARK BUDDHA RISING was one of those experiences. Very dark, very intense, very hypnotic and very, very beautiful. I wanted to kick everybody who wanted to talk to me during the awesomeness (sorry;)).


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Metal Archives: “Lantlôs is Middle High German and means “homeless” (literally “without homeland”)”.

The only thing I knew about LANTLÔS before DBE was that it was some project by Neige (Alcest) and Herbst. And listened to some of the songs I had on my DBE playlist.


However, Neige isn´t in the band anymore (he was standing in the crowd watching:)). Really cool gig and first ever live performance with the band who was only supposed to be a studio project to begin with. Enjoyed it a lot! Most of it ofc sitting in the grass, drinking beer and loving my life in general. Took some photos, tho:)
The band (every band, really) stayed at the same hotel than me so got to hang a bit with some old & new friends. This Herbst guy was really nice when we spent some time in the lobby smoking and talking shit.



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