RUSH from Canada on the main stage. For many the main reason to visit this festival. Wasn´t all that for me but it was kinda cool:) Checked them out between IHSAHN and VOMITORY. I´m too short for the Festival Stage :P
Geddy Lee: Vocals, Bass & Keys // Alex Lifeson: Guitar // Neil Peart: Drums & Percussion

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BIO: “Satan are a heavy metal band originating from Newcastle, England in 1979, known as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. ” Though generally obscure throughout their career, the band is considered influential for playing a form of proto-thrash metal that was fairly advanced by the standards of the early 1980s“. New album, “Life Sentence”, was released on April 29 in Europe and May 21 in the U.S. via Listenable Records.

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