londonLong day. Early wake up call, train in many hours Glasgow – London (Nice views!! Lots of sheep:D), straight to the venue (way too long walk to the venue with all the gear) Always kinda cool when organizers care to pick up the bands somewhere. After a long day travelling it´s not on the top of the wishlist to do subways and long walks trying to find the place. Luckily we got full-service Vincent (Gigs in Glasgow) with us so he was in charge. Still, it was a fukken long walk!
VALKYRJA did a great gig! Until there were technical problems and then the microphone died. After some attempts to communicate with the sound booth, just to realize no one was even there, RDSX walked off the stage and the rest of the band followed. Nothing much to do. But at least it was great as long as it lasted:)
And our Vincent had a 10 hr bus drive home to Glasgow and had to leave before this exciting night was even over. Kudos to the guy for all his efforts!!