NASUM – The End & Grind Finale in Stockholm 6/10 2012

I was pretty frazzled after 48 hrs on a metal cruise and had my weakest moments sitting on the subway to the city directly from the harbour. Just wanted to go home and sleep. Still, I would have hated myself for the rest of my life if I´d missed this very last gig with the band. I´d waited for it for too long and I also wanted to see all the other bands. Unfortunately I missed both MASSGRAV and SKITSYSTEM because I got stuck upstairs with coffee, Resorb and some really nice Finns in the crew and wasn´t capable to move at all for awhile. On the other hand…I saw BLACK BREATH and wooohhhh that was an amazing gig!! Loved it! It also was a great pleasure to meet everybody involved. Really nice people!
The venue was full already by 8PM and the line outside was still really long. The pic in the gallery is taken 8.55PM…
The livepics will come up later, but here´s some randoms. And probably the very last pics taken with NASUM. Some pics only with the band, some NASUM & crew some with NASUM & BLACK BREATH. And crew. It was really just a  big mess:) Way too many pics on Claes (TORMENTED). Couldn´t help it. He´s such a toyboy. And he just were all over the place getting in the way of the camera. Think the pics overall are more fun than good:)

» Photos: NASUM LIVE

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