Havard Ellefsen/MORTIIS – the head troll of Dark Dungeon Music performed “Ånden som gjorde Upprør” (Era 1) with some additions and modifications. Extreme amounts of darkness and smoke. Good for the atmosphere, bad for the pictures:)

“I don’t just want to do the record as it was back in 1994, but rather excavate it from 1994 and drag it into the new light of the current world, while retaining the atmosphere of the original sound,” – Mortiis [bravewords.com]


MORTIIS – The only picture I took backstage. Already made several improvised versions of it just because.Would love to do a real dungeon shoot some day. Such an inspiring character:)

Håvard – a genuinly nice guy with another genuinly nice guy: Adrian (IXXI & ANGREPP)