TENEBRAE – Steelfest 12/5 2022

“An old school death metal act from Hellsinki, Finland, formed in 1991. Still dying slowly” – TENEBRAE FB page
“First live gig after 25 years. Set list:Welcome Death Everlasting Freeze Trancequake Dance For The Decadence Behind Thy Christ
Songs have been transformed to this millenium. Songs are more intense, yet still twisted, intense and heavy” – Also from the FB page, somewhat modifed

The first indoor band first day at Steelfest. had absolutely no knowlwdge of this band but already had decided to shoot every live gig at the festival and ofc watch the show for whatever time I got in my hands for the moment. So I wouldn´t miss anything. So many “new” (for me) bands on the bill! Beyond happy for that:)) Also I met this guy (Henrik) from the band when I was on my smoke break. He told me it would be the first live in ages and it would be really good. It was a pretty good show, yes:))
Band 2022: Jussi Heikkinen Henrik Laine Juke Eräkangas Hannu Ojanperä


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