I´ve seen all the versions of Batushka now?
The original one in Prague 2016, Krysiuk’s band on the Black Rituals tour (w. Belphegor) in 2021 and now Drabikowski´s at Steelfest.
A way more confusing split than the Entombed/Entombed A.D. ever was:/ It´s been ongoing for years but obviously the District Court in Warsaw, 22nd Intellectual Property Division ruled in Drabikowski´s favor a couple of weeks after Steelfest (29 May). So it all should be sorted now?
Anyways, this was a pretty good gig.


Recordings with Drabikowski


Studio albums
Litourgiya (Witching Hour Productions, 2015)
Yekteníya VII (Witching Hour Productions, 2015)


Krzysztof Drabikowski’s Батюшка
Studio albums
Панихида / Panihida (Sphieratz Productions, 2019)
Песнь 1 (Self-released, 2019)


[Live clips by TopiKoo & GRONNENHELL]



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