Devil Metal legends from Cleveland, Ohio US formed in 1987. They´ve been active ever since, except a short break around 2015.

After a million releases and a bunch of changes in the line up, the vocalist Don of the Dead (Donald Crotsley) is the only remaining original/founding member.
Very entertaining gig:)


“Deformed in 1987 by Don of the Dead (Bass) with Jer the Butcher (Guitar), Gregoroth (Vocals) and Behemoth Bill (Drums), the spawn called Nun Slaughter began spewing forth the sonic vomit known as Death Metal. Shunning the vile confines of a studio for the oppressive darkness of a basement tomb, they released their first demo in 1987 and christened it “Ritual of Darkness”. The raw sound of “Ritual” established N.S. as purveyors of true Death Metal. The bands line up experienced it first of many mutations in ’89, with Jer and Bill being replaced by Rick Rancid (Guitar) and John Sicko (Drums). NunSlaughter’s, second bastard offspring came screaming through the birth canal shortly thereafter, dragging it’s fetid placenta, “The Rolling Christ”. The next band-member morphogenesis occurred in 1991, when Gregoroth and Sick slithered away. Von the Impaler latched on as a drummer and Don of the Dead (still on bass) became Nun Slaughter’s vocalist as well. This repugnant assemblage produced the band’s third demo, “Impale the Soul of Christ on the Inverted Cross of Death”.”
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“Nunslaughter is probably one of the oldest cult death metal bands around. Created in 1987, the band has been prolifically releasing material, with a particular affection towards EPs and split releases. After more than 35 years of activity, Nunslaughter remains incredibly loyal to the roots of the genre and continuing to play death metal in it’s purest form.”



[Live clips by sarvi,Tales From The Frontline,Saatanan Aslakki, Gronn Onland]


Collected notes & links:
– Latest release: Fuck Off!!! (In the Name of Satan) Split (w Nuctemeron) 2022
– 2015 they released “In Memoriam” one month after their long time drummer Jim “sadist” Konya passed. Recorded live At The Hells Headbash, Valley City, OH, United States, August 9th, 2014
“Done in 100 copies only and was made to honour Jim Sadist who has sadly passed away last month. He’s greatly missed by many friends and fans. The single has coverart which is in the classic Nunslaughter tradition, but the inside is a photo collage of 74 different photo’s of Jim Sadist.”
Interview @ Steelfest 2023 by Rauta

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