Just wanted to tell you that some Peace & Love pics are posted on extreMMetal.se.

Got pics on this guy:

and this guy:

…and on a few more guys…

Another thing: There´s some changes in General Surgery´s lineup if you haven´t noticed! Dr. Sahlström (formerly known as Erik Tormentor) is the new vocalist in the band and today they took off to perform at the Obscene Extreme festival in Trutnov (don´t ask me to spell the name of the country!! You go and find out yourselves)
And I quote:

Dr. McWilliams out, Dr. Sahlström in.

Once again, our resident alcoholic Scottish doctor has decided to take leave of the band. Due to “administrative problems pertaining to morgue-related issues” (he’s too busy getting intoxicated to be of any use) he has finally broken down and given up his active duties in the band.

The torch has been handed over to new pathological talent, Dr. Erik Sahlström (Maze of Torment, Serpent Obscene). Rest assured he has been schooled well, and is already a nervous wreck from various initiation ceremonies to our wonderful world of gore.

The rest of it for you to read right HERE. One newly recorded song with Dr. Sahlström is also uploaded so check it out and grind your ass off!!:)))

The new General Surgery lineup

After taking some pics on GS i went down to Klubben to take some pics on japanese D´EspairsRay. I was just on time, schwooshed in, took some pics and off i went. The first time ever I didn´t stay to see the show, but I was in a real hurry. And hungry.
Don´t EVER go to Aspudden if you want some food after 21.00 PM!!! All the places are closed. You just waste your time driving around like we did. We wanted some tandoori chicken but ended up at McDonald´s in Västberga.
Gahhh!!! It didn´t make us happy! Less hungry, though:)

And finally: a pic on this guy too: