About: “Dead Kosmonaut is a swedish metal project in the vein of all your favourite classic heavy rock bands.”


Snabb plåtning i ett halvmålat rum i mitt hus där dom fick trängas i ett hörn:)  Eminent besök av Mattias Reinholdsson och dom två vokalisterna Pelle Hellbutcher (Nifelheim, Necrocurse) och Johan Längquist (ex-Candlemass).  Längquist gästar på ett spår på den nya plattan “Expect Nothing“.
Bilder för div promo.  Finfika och grejs.




Mattias contacted me about some fast pictures for DEAD KOSMONAUT who were about to release their first full lenght “Expect Nothing”. So had them over and did some shots in a corner of a half painted room. Not the ideal but we managed to get some that worked out. And most importantly, we had coffees :D


Johan Längquist (ex- Candlemass) Pelle Gustafsson (Nifelheim] (vocalists) & Mattias Reinholdsson (The bassist & The Band Father a.k.a. Dad Kosmonaut)


youtube.com/DEAD KOSMONAUT