Depressive Black from Helsinki since 2005.
“The band was found to create truly melancholic and desperate soundscapes and to unravel the blackened thoughts, the blessing and the curse of the inability to think either black or white nor inbetween. To narrate about the ability to find clarity in madness positivity in the negativity shelter in the dark…” – Osmose Productions

Have seen them only once before at Stockholm Slaughter 2019. Kinda lost them back then but this time I got to be more focused.  Festivals are a bit tricky when it comes to get the best out of bands you never heard before. But this time, super gig!
One of my favourite songs in the first clip below↓ Just harrowing and beautiful.

Band: Aleksis Laakso (I) Drums Alex (A) Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard Mikko Rissanen (N) Bass Juuso Heikkilä (J) Guitar

[Live clips by Gronn Onland & Tales From The Frontline]

Collected notes:
– Latest release: Solitude Release April 2018
– Current label: Osmose Productions
– Merch: @ Osmose productions
– Interview by Rauta 2022

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“Founded in 2005 by A. and C. The 2006 promo CD they put out the proceeding year of forming led them to close a deal with Ordo Decimus Peccatum. After T. and J. joined in 2007 the recording line-up was completed, but due to frequent troubles things weren’t finished until January 2008. Lyrics by the band fluctuate between being written in English and Finnish.” – From TMA


Band Members: A – guitar & voc. / I – drums & voc. / J – guitar & voc. / N – bass


Stockholm Slaughter
Death Disco Productions
District 19

>>MORE (live clips etc)